1.     Early Identification of Psychosis Spectrum Symptoms: A Novel Ascertainment Approach Through Tertiary Care Child & Youth Clinics

  • Investigators: Henderson, J. (PI), Aristotle Voineskos (PI), Andrade, B., Strauss, J., Ameis, S., Courtney, D., MacKenzie, S., Szatmari, P., Foussias, G., Kidd, S., Skilling, T., Haltigan, J., Addington, J.
  • Funding Source: University of Toronto, Department of Psychiatry - Miner's Lamp Innovation Fund
  • Funding Amount: $149, 952 (3 years: 2016-2019)
2.     Childhood Aggression: A New Approach to Its Study and Treatment
  • Investigators: Malti, T. (PI),, Haley, D., Donnelly, P., MacMillan, H., Fallon, B., Dodge, K., Killen, M., Eisenberg N.
  • Collaborator: Andrade, B.
  • Funding Source: Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) – Foundation Scheme Grant
  • Funding Amount: $1,037,136 (5 years: 2016-2021)


3.     Optimizing Mental Health Outcomes for Children and Youth with Early Brain Injury and their Families
  • Investigators: Williams, T. (PI), Miller, S., deVeber, G., Crosbie, J., Andrade, B.
  • Funding Source: Hospital for Sick Children – Medical Psychiatry Alliance
  • Funding Amount: $109, 800 (3 years: 2016-2019)


4.     Development of Novel Treatment and Biological Markers of Treatment Response in Children with Disruptive Behavior and Emotional Disturbance

  • Investigators: Andrade, B. 
  • Funding Source: American Psychological Foundation – John and Polly Sparks Early Career Grant
  • Funding Amount: $9670 (2015)


5.     Personalizing Psychosocial Intervention for Children with Oppositional-Defiant Disorder

  • Investigators: Andrade, B., Beitchman, J., Gorman, D., Pringsheim, T., Tannock, R., Brownlie, E., Henderson, J., Schachter, D., Chaim. G., McMahon. R., Skilling, T.
  • Funding Source: Canadian Institutes for Health Research (CIHR) – Transitional Operating Grant
  • Funding Amount: $505, 436 (4 years: 2015-2019)


6.     A Pragmatic Randomized Controlled Trial of an Integrated Collaborative Care Team (ICCT) Model for Youth with Mental Health and Addiction Challenges

  • Investigators: Szatmari, P (NPI), Henderson, J. (Co-PI), Cheung, A. (Co-PI), Cleverley, K. (Co-PI), Chaim, G. (Co-PI), Andrade, B., Bartha, C., Barwick, M., Campbell, M., Carlisle, C., Charach, A., Courey, L., de Oliveira, C., Doan, K., Fainer, C., Ferguson, E., Gladstone, B., Heffernan, O., Herzog, T., Kurdyak, P., Lemke, K., Levy, M., Lin, E., McCullum, T., McDonald, H., MacKenzie, S., McKenzie, K., Mehta, K., Monga, S., O'Brien, D., Pignatiello, T., Rhodes, A., Rotem, A., Young, L., & Zaretsky, A.
  • Funding Source: Ontario SPOR Support Unit IMPACT Award (Government of Ontario & Canadian Institutes of Health Research)
  • Funding Amount: $1,800,000 (3 years: 06/2015-05/2018)


7.     Canadian Guidelines on Pharmacotherapy for Oppositional Behaviour, Conduct Problems, and Aggression in Children 
        and Adolescents with Disruptive Behaviour Disorders: Creation of a Patient Decision Aid
  • Investigators: Pringsheim, T. (Co-PI), Bernhardt, H. (Co-PI); co-investigators: Gorman, D., Andrade, B., Jette, N., Lawson, M. & McLarnon, L.
  • Funding Source: Canadian Institutes for Health Research (CIHR) – Planning and Dissemination Grant
  • Funding Amount: $11, 830 (2015)
8.     Assessment and Treatment of Aggression in Children with Disruptive Behaviour Disorders: Development of a Resident 
        Education Curriculum and eCME Program for Practicing Physicians
  • Investigators: Gorman, D. (Co-PI), Pringsheim, T. (Co-PI), co-investigators: Andrade, B., Bélanger, S., Carrey, N., Cochrane-Brink, K., ​Cooke, L., Doja, A., Eady, K., Goldade, R., Handanos, D., Johnson, D., Katzman, D., Khan, S., Ladhani, M., Lathrop, E., Leverette, J., Meuser, J., Millette, J., Murphy, A., Mousmanis, P., Quinn, D., Wong, S. & Writer, H.
  • Funding Amount: $114, 000
9.     Determination of Clinically-Relevant Profiles of Children with Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Disruptive 
        Behaviour Disorders
  • Investigators: Andrade, B.,​ & Beitchman J. (Mentor)
  • Funding Source: University of Toronto, Faculty of Medicine, Dean's Fund – New Staff Grant
  • Fuinding Amount: $20, 000